What to Expect in this Space.

Not the Spanish Inquisition, because …

Expect this blog to contain a little bit of everything, Monty Python references included.

On a more serious note …

This blog will a space where I explore life. Being a small business owner. What it means to be a writer. What I learn as I become a better photographer.

I have no special direction for this blog, only dreams of having it discovered someday by some high-ranking individual in the world of publishing who contacts me immediately with a multimillion dollar book offer (hey – this is my dream, so go with it).

Sure to feature here:

  • random happenings in my life, if and when they occur
  • witty commentary on issues of the day (if I can summon whit amidst my cynicism)
  • awesome recipes and links that have enriched my life (I use the word “enriched” fairly lightly)
  • reviews of cool books, movies, and music as I come across them
  • tips, tricks, and all-around good sense
  • and whatever else suits!

So, pull up a chair and hang onto your hat!


Cassandra & Jason

I was honored when longtime personal friends Cassandra and Jason asked me to photograph their wedding for them. Their day matched their personalities brilliantly: casual, unique, and focused on family, friends, and their furry dobermans.

“Abbie is a personal friend, and I got the idea to ask her to do our wedding photos because of the wonderful job she did on our mutual friend’s engagement photos. What she did as a photographer ended up being way more profound than photography. I gave her an insane list of photo poses I wanted, and, as most weddings turn out, we ran ridiculously late and many of the poses I listed we didn’t get to; BUT, somehow in all that chaos, she managed to capture our relationship and the way my husband and I felt that day flawlessly. She is artistic, organized, and knows how to pose you just right for amazing photos. Her ideas on the fly ended up being the best photos. My family and I all felt like we didn’t have to worry about a thing. I have absolutely no regrets and I cherish our friendship even more from the experience.” – Cassandra