My Story


My name is Abbigail.

I love stories, and that is how I got into this mess of running a blog and owning my own business. It’s a better story than sitting in a corporate cubicle (which I still do, too). Luckily for me, all of my passions involve storytelling: writing, photography, reading. They are all in some way about the stories that make us great and the ones that break our hearts.

My goal with Inkwells & Images is to tell the stories that matter. To capture on camera the moment she says “yes.” To capture in ink what drives the human experience: the sorrow and the joy and the longing and the grace.

In this space, I write about stories: whether it is about the concept of story itself or about specific ones. I love reviewing books that I’ve read and sharing them with others. I also love to write my own stories, and am currently working on my first novel about a girl who tries to find herself by retracing the steps of her favorite fictional character.

There will also be a bit of dabbling in talking about food, cute boots, the latest music that I’m loving, and life in general. We’re not often as one-dimensional as we let the internet believe.

Why Inkwells & Images?

Because I am obsessed with ampersands.

Well, I am, but that’s not the whole reason.

I believe that words and pictures are both essential to telling the stories that matter. Sometimes a simple phrase can reveal clarity, and sometimes it takes a gallery of prints to transport a person. Sometimes changing one word can sell a product better. Sometimes it’s better product photos. I’ll admit, it is quite a rush discovering that word or taking that photo.

Both inkwells and images are important.

Because of this (and because I need to eat while I type away at my beloved fiction), I am a freelance writer and photographer for hire. Check out more details, and my credentials, on the Inkwells and Images tabs.

Abbigail E. Kriebs | abbigail {at} inkwellsandimages {dot} com