Story in Review: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

The Rosie Project Graeme Simsion | Inkwells & Images

(this book has so many wonderful covers that I wanted to share them all with you! Images via the publisher)

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion was a delightful read. Quickly paced and full of moments where I really did laugh out loud, it was an enjoyable romantic comedy of a book that was perfect for a sunny Saturday morning with a cup of coffee in hand.

Don is a genius – a genetics researcher who is beyond intelligent and just as socially awkward. He reminded me on nearly every page of Sheldon Cooper, one of my favorite T.V. characters. Don is in search of a life partner, and creates a questionnaire to help him find the perfect woman, commencing “The Wife Project.” He does this entirely without hubris: he wants a wife who is compatible, who doesn’t smoke, exercises moderately for her health, and will be able to relate to him on a intellectual level. But even though his intentions are mostly pure, hilarity ensues as he discovers love can’t really be found in formulas and data.

Favorite Quotes:

“… I enjoyed a rare moment of not feeling like the least socially competent person in the room.” – p. 30

“I consider my own decision making in these areas to be more rational than that of most people, but I also make errors of the same kind… Responding to complex issues that we cannot perceive directly requires the application of reasoning, which is less powerful than instinct.” – p. 98

“Feel! Feel, feel, feel! Feelings were disrupting my sense of well-being.” – p. 134

“[people say] that I should be more ‘in touch’ with my emotions. What they really mean is that I should give into them. I am perfectly happy to detect, recognize, and analyze emotions. This is a useful skill and I would like to be better at it. Occasionally an emotion can be enjoyed… but we need to be vigilant that emotions do not cripple us.” – p. 134

“This was worse! She wanted me to love her. And I was incapable.” – p. 270

What make this a good story? The story rolled along at the perfect pace: it was light and funny with plenty of conflict and memorable characters. We feel for Don as he discovers new things about life, rooting for him as he gets closer to falling in love. It really is just a delightful read.

What could have made it a better story? It opens a bit abruptly, introducing character without a lot of back story to them, tossing names into the text. If the author had taken a little bit more time situating the characters in the text, I would have been happier. But that’s a rather minor request on my part. :)

Would I recommend this? Yes – If you like a love story with a lot of laughter and don’t mind some swearing/mention of sex in the text.

I read this book for the first meeting of a new book club, and it was the perfect pick to get everyone talking about some really fun topics.

Have you read The Rosie Project? What did you think?

P.S. There’s a sequel!

The Little Things: Bookshelves Edition

Sometimes, it really is the little things that make life grand.

This weekend, it was new bookshelves.


Bookshelves | Inkwells & Images
Note the bucket of power tools and utter lack of discord.


Bookshelves | Inkwells & Images
Stacks on stacks! For the first time in years, I sorted books before shoving them on shelves. It felt So. Good. A feeling that probably only other slightly OCD book nerds would understand. 


Bookshelves | Inkwells & Images
Bookshelves | Inkwells & Images

The Bookshelf Scoop

My wonderful husband Scott made these with hickory and the photos don’t do justice to the color variations in the wood. We wanted them to fit under the breakfast ledge in our apartment that we never use since we don’t own stools, and because our table sits right next to it. These shelves fill that unusable space perfectly, and add a little personality to out otherwise white walled apartment.

Scott has been learning the art of woodworking from our good friend Gordy the last couple of years. If you need some similarly awesome, custom-made shelves for your place and happen to live in or around the Madison area, check out Gordon Miller Woodworks in Brooklyn, WI. Gordy has a knack for taking unique pieces of wood and creating works of functional art.

How do you corral all your books? I need some ideas for the other 30% of the collection not pictured here… Oops.


Story in Photos: Headshots for Claire, A New Friend for Me

When you schedule a photo session in winter in Wisconsin, you really just hope that a blizzard doesn’t ruin your day.

Luckily, when scheduling a headshot session with Claire earlier this year, we were able to pick a couple of dates and then decide if the weather would hold out for us – and it delivered. Crisp sunshine, temps warm enough to spend a few minutes without a coat outside… it really was a marvelous day to wander around the city and make a new friend.

And that’s what we did: at the beginning of the day Claire was a friend of a friend. After spending a few hours together in the library, in a bookstore, and at a coffee shop, I can now say that she graduated to first-degree friendship with flying colors. I love when photography clients do that – it makes taking their photos extra easy and extra special.

Here are a few shots from our day in the sun:

Headshots - Claire Wiese | Inkwells & Images

Headshots - Claire Wiese | Inkwells & Images

Headshots - Claire Wiese | Inkwells & Images

Headshots - Claire Wiese | Inkwells & Images

Headshots - Claire Wiese | Inkwells & Images4

Headshots - Claire Wiese | Inkwells & Images

Claire reached out to me because she has recently launched her own business venture: she became a facilitator of Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map workshops. The Desire Map is a program that helps you clarify what you truly want in life – and helps you take that new awareness and use it to make choices to create a life you actually want to live, not one that you are struggling through each week until Saturday. Claire is holding her first workshop in Madison this Spring, and I would encourage anyone looking to recharge their life to register here.

What new venture have you started lately that put a smile on your face? I’d love to hear about it!