Chasing Creative Season 3 is here!

Chasing Creative Season 3 | Inkwells & Images

Well, it’s been here for awhile actually, but I have been slacking in my announcer duties.

Ashley and I launched Season 3 on Monday, March 6th, so we’re already a few episodes in. This season we got to talk to some really neat people doing really creative things. The lineup:

Episode 1: Ashley and I caught up on what we’ve been doing while the podcast was on a break and talked about setting creative goals for 2017.

Episode 2: We got to chat with Nicole Gulotta, author of the Eat This Poem blog and the new Eat This Poem book. She had some great advice for managing a write life and day job, as well as making sure the people in your corner know what your creative priorities are.

Episode 3: One of our favorite people on the internet is Rachel Dawson, and we loved catching up with her about balancing a creative job with personal creativity, as well as hear about all the books she’s been reading (it’s a lot).

Episode 4: Anyone who has listened to the podcast in the past knows how much I love my Get To Work Book. So you can imagine how excited I was when we reached out to Elise Blaha Cripe to come on the show – and she said yes! She’s been a creative person on the internet for a while, and her tips for balancing her creative projects in all the changing seasons of life were so, so good.

Episode 5: Sarah Fox is a writer and editor during the day… and a writer and editor at night. Her tips for turning a side hustle into a dream job and then needing to find another side hustle are something just about every creative person can relate to on some level.

Next week, we’re chatting with Lisa Hensley of Delighting in my Days, and she has so much good stuff to say about balancing motherhood and creativity. I’m so glad we got the chance to talk with her before my own little one arrived. I have a feeling hers is an episode I will be listening back to again and again in the coming months and years. Stay tuned at so you don’t miss her episode! Or subscribe in iTunes to get the new episode delivered straight to your phone.



The Chasing Creative Podcast is Back for Season 2!


After a few month’s hiatus, the Chasing Creative podcast is back!

Ashley from Brooks Editorial and I really, really enjoyed our break – and are so excited to be back recording Chasing Creative again. In our Season Two intro, we share what we did over our summer vacation, how our creativity fared, and – of course! – what we read.

We’re making season two a “mini-season” – catching up with our guests from season one who have had some big life changes since we last spoke. We’ll release an episode each Monday morning, like last season, on into December. This season is going to be a bit short, we know. But we promised ourselves to make this creative project fit into the nooks and crannies of our lives, just like our guests do with their own creativity. And right now, we’re in the midst of newborns and house-building and pregnancy and the upcoming holidays… and we are trying not to drive ourselves crazy, too.

(Although, arguably, we probably know the way pretty well by now).

Thanks for you patience as we took some time off, and we’re glad to be chatting with you all again.

Thanks for listening!

Need to catch up? Check out all our past episodes at


Life, Lately

A Winter Weekend on the North Shore | Inkwells & Images

A few weeks ago, I posted on Instagram about being in a “Middle Season.” Now, after the rush of launching The Chasing Creative Podcast and making a dozen decisions on our house, we’re back in a middle season with not a lot to report. Instead of trying to force out a witty blog post about a semi-relevant topic, I decided I would share what I’ve been up to in this Middle Season, because even when we feel like not a lot is happening, it often is.

So, lately I’ve been…


To my friends Jenna and Josiah Hazel. They recently released an album and I have it on repeat all the time. Their band is called Settling Houses and you can listen to their first album, Drive and Never Stop here.

Also, this Tiny Desk concert by Asgeir, again and again. Perfect for writing.

And podcasts, of course! I’m in love with The New Yorker Radio Hour. And recently, my friend Gracie got me back into listening to Freakonomics and I am hooked.


I’ve been reading a little more for fun lately, to wind down at the end of a day. I read Brooklyn and it was OK. Pretty, but not grand.

I just started The Paris Wife after hearing Paula McLain give a talk at the Madison Public Library last week. I fell in love with her words in person, and I hope to love them on the page as well.

I’m still slowly, slowly working my way through Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Trying to take this one a chapter at a time and really think through some of the questions that it raises for myself and my creative life.


Scott and I recently watched Aziz Ansari’s Master of None on Netflix. While I enjoyed the social issues that the show addresses, issues like feminism and race in Hollywood, sometimes it was a bit too crude for me. The show did end on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I am excited to see where Season 2 goes. Even if the jokes don’t always hit home with me, I feel like it’s important enough to keep watching, and to support a show created by individuals of color in a world where a lot of comedy T.V. isn’t.

I’m still in Season 5 of Downton Abbey, so don’t spoil the ending for me! I’ve managed to avoid it so far and am 100% happy about this. At the rate we are able to watch the show, I will finish Season 6 sometime in 2018, I do believe.


We’ve been working on plans for the house. A few weeks ago we picked out flooring, and just a couple of weeks ago we chose kitchen cabinets and decided on what kind of trim we would like throughout the house. We’re still waiting to get a driveway in, but then the real fun begins, or so I hear. I’ve not built a house before, so I really, really have no idea what I am doing. Glad my contractor does.

I’m excited that I signed up for Brooks Editorial’s Content Challenge. I may be biased, as Ashley is my podcast co-host, but I really do think its going to be awesome. Anyone who can run a business and a blog while working from home and raising a toddler AND podcast on the side is someone I want to learn from, STAT.


Speaking of podcasting… Chasing Creative now has nine (!) episodes out in the world. Ashley and I have had such a great time chatting with our guests and learning from them as much as our audience is. We cannot believe how much love you have all shown us in just these nine short weeks, and we can’t wait to see where it goes next. We are trucking along behind the scenes, recording and editing more episodes every week to keep them rolling out to you. We hope you’ll join in the discussion over on Instagram and Twitter using #ChasingCreative.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. What about you? Reading, watching or listening to anything astonishing? I’d love to hear about it?