I’m pretty sure I fell in love with the written word before I could actually even read it. Here’s three(ish)-year-old me:

Me, Age 2

Bears and books: that’s all I needed.

I love words. I adore words. I often like them better than people, which is only problematic once in a while.

If you are looking for a well-turned phrase (or a whole bunch of them all joined up into paragraphs and maybe even pages!), I’m your gal. I can also proof and critique your current phrases if you would rather. I’ll try anything once – writing or editing – so pitch your project and I’ll see if we fit.

The Credentials: Always Important

I have a B.A. in History & Literature from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where I learned to tear apart books and sentences and somehow put them back together without losing my admiration for the craft. It was here that I fell in love even more in love with the written word and discovered that there were other nerds out there just like me.

After college, I spent two and a half years as the associate editor of a business-to-business trade publication with an audience of about 30,000 readers a day. I spent a few months as a social media copywriter with a high-end online retailer, writing and curating images for the company’s social feeds. It wasn’t a good fit for me, so I deciding moving on was the best thing to do, even if it looked like giving up.

I started a new job in the PR & Social Media department at an advertising agency in December of 2014. It’s been over two years now and I’m still not bored, which means it’s probably a good place for me to be right now. I get to combine a lot of my talents at the agency, which is a blessing. Each day can involve writing blogs or social copy, taking photos, curating images, and planning out intricate campaigns for clients. I do some traditional press release writing and media outreach as well, and get in touch with my nerdy, analytical side with a spreadsheet or two.

I have written newscast scripts and ad copy, research papers and fiction, social media posts for brands, and even blogs about personal finance. It’s a bit all over the place, but that’s the way I like it. For a complete résumé, or for writing samples, please contact me directly at You can also connect with me on LinkedIn if that is more your style.